ADULT CHEF - Series 2 (6-week Program)

Mondays, 5:30pm to 7:30pm - October 22nd to November 26th

The follow-up series to Series 1. Participants will continue to build upon a variety of essential cooking techniques. The results: mastering fundamental cooking skills and building confidence.

**Attention: Alergy Alert

** The recipes used and contain nuts, traces of nuts, dairy products, soy, and flours that contain gluten.

Minimum 4 participants required. Maximum of 8.

6-week Program: $ 450 plus tax and processing fee

Class 1:    Knife Skills - Fresh Herbs                           Class 4:    Fresh Pasta

Class 2:    Legumes                                                     Class 5:    Root Vegetables

Class 3:    Cooking Wild Meats                                    Class 6:    Desserts - Chocolate / Soufflé and Sauce