March 2018

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Adult Chef Class

Adult Chef Learn-To-Cook Series - 6 Weeks

Saturdays, 10:30am to 12:30pm – April 7 to May 12

Learn to cook! Participants will work closely with Chef Georges to learn a variety of essential cooking techniques. The results: mastering fundamental cooking skills and building confidence.

**Attention: Alergy Alert - The recipes used may contain nuts, traces of nuts, dairy products, soy, and flours that contain gluten.

6-week Program: $ 450 plus tax and processing fee; per Class: $ 79 plus tax and processing fee (subject to availability; please inquire) 

Class 1:    Knife Skills - Alliums                            Class 4:    Rice

Class 2:   Vegetable and Chicken Stocks             Class 5:    Root Vegetables

Class 3:    Cooking Fish                                        Class 6:    Desserts



Cookin Like a Chef, couples

COOKING LIKE A CHEF - Cooking For Couples

Three-hour, Hands-on Class - from 5:30pm to 8:30pm     $ 105 per person (tax & processing fee extra)

For couples that enjoy cooking together!

March 23rd Menu: Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk Cappucino, Oven Roasted Veal Tender and White Chocolate Panna Cotta in a Glass. [SOLD OUT]

April 27th Menu: Cucumber Salad with Marinated Cattail Hearts, Beef and Lobster with a Morel Hollandaise, and Maple Crisps [SOLD OUT]

May 25th Menu:  Bitter Greens Wild Mustard Vinaigrette, Oven Roasted Québec Lamb Loin with Goat Cheese and Tomato Risotto and Petit Pot de Chocolat [SOLD OUT]

June 29th Menu: TBA

More dates being added to the calendar all the time!  

Don't forget to register TWO people!



Edible Flowers

COOKING LIKE A CHEF - Edible Flowers & Herbs

Two-hour, Hands-on Class      $75 per person (tax & processing fee extra)

In conjunction with the Canadian Tulip Festival - A World of Tulips 

 Canadian Tulip Festival 2018 logo

Flowers are more than a plate garnish. Expand your culinary creativity by cooking with edible flowers.

Menu: Tulip Petals, Orchids, and other flower such as Bergamots and Pansies - Elderflower Syrup and Vinegars 

Friday, May 11th -  Desserts with Edible Flowers  - 10:00am to 12:00pm

Saturday, May 12th - Salads, Appetizers and Vinaigrette - 5:30pm to 8:30pm 

Friday, May 18th -  Salads, Appetizers and Vinaigrette  - 10:00am to 12:00pm 

Friday, May 18th - Desserts with Edible Flowers - 5:30pm to 7:30pm 

Saturday, May 19th - Desserts with Edible Flowers - 10:00am to 12:00pm 

Saturday, May 19th - Salads, Appetizers and Vinaigrette - 5:30pm to 7:30pm



Cuisines du Monde, Canada


Three-Hour, Hands-on Class - from 5:30pm to 8:30pm    $ 95 per person (tax & processing fee extra)

A menu inspired by Canadian ingredients and traditional Canadian food. Discover some of Canada's boreal ingredients while mastering techniques and creating succulent dishes. 

Featuring products such as: Pickled Milkweed, Spruce Tips, Mystique of Mugwort, High-Bush Cranberries, Peppery Green Alder and Char. 

April 6th - Menu:  Cured Arctic Char Salad, Marinated Wild Boar Medallion, and Haskap & White Chocolate Mousse Parfait with Haskap Liqueur 

May 11th - Menu:  TBA



C'est Bon Cooking Class

KNIFE SKILLS - Preparing Poultry for the Grill

Three-Hour, Hands-on Class          $95 per person (tax & processing fee extra)

Learn basic cuts for different animal proteins such as poultry, fish, beef and game.

 April 11th Menu: POULTRY - Learn how to Spatchcock a chicken as well as prepare the breast, the drumstick and the thigh for the BBQ.

* Menus will be posted 30 days ahead of scheduled dates.


Knife Skills - Chef's Knife

KNIFE SKILLS - Seasonal Vegetables (Chef's Knife)

Three-Hour, Hands-on Class          $95 per person (tax & processing fee extra)

How to properly use a chef knife is one of the fundamentals of the kitchen.  Allumette, Brunoise, Julienne and Paysanne - learn the classic french cuts.

Dishes inspired by Squash, Celery Roots, Beets, Carrots, Parsnips and other seasonal vegetables

Wednesday, March 21st - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Wednesday, April 25th  -  5:30pm to 8:30pm

Wednesday, May 23th  -  5:30pm to 8:30pm


C'est Bon Cooking Class

MASTER THE BASICS - Fish For Grilling

Three-Hour, Hands-on Class        $95 per person (tax & processing fee extra)

A class dedicated to mastering the secrets of preparing fish for the grill.

Wednesday, May 16th - 10:00am to 1:00pm        

Menu: Salmon Grenadin and Medallion of Black Cod*We use sustainable ecofriendly Canadian fish. 



Grilling Marinades and Sauces

MASTER THE BASICS - Grilling Marinades and Sauces

Three-Hour, Hands-on Class        $ 95 per person (tax & processing fee extra)

Add flavour, spice and sassiness to your summer grilling with these marinades and sauces.

Wednesday, May 9th - 5:30pm to 8:30pm    

Menu: Coffee and Maple BBQ sauce, Spicy Grill Rub, Tangy Citrus-Herb Marinade, Wild Tea infused Vinaigrette and Basting Jus



Master the Basics, Maple Syrup

MASTER THE BASICS - Maple Desserts

Three-Hour, Hands-on Class        $ 95 per person (tax & processing fee extra)

With guest chef Isabelle Leroux.

You’ll be surprised at what you can create with maple syrup! 

Menu: Maple Bonbon, Maple Sponge, Toffee, Maple Whippet's and Maple Crisps.

Thursday, April 5th - 5:30pm to 8:30pm     

Friday, April 20th - 5:30pm to 8:30pm


MASTER THE BASICS - Pastry Doughs & Fillings

Three-Hour, Hands-on Class - 10:00am to 1:00pm     $ 95 per person (tax & processing fee extra) 

Classes will be conducted in FRENCH and ENGLISH.

Guest Chef Isabelle Leroux will lead a 3-part, hands-on, basic pastry cooking class.

Originally from Casselman, Chef Isabelle has been at the helm of the pastry department at Epicuria Fine Foods Store and Catering for the past 10 years. After graduating from the École Hotellière de l'Outaouais, she worked along side great pastry chefs such as Eric Gagnon and Jean-Claude Duwiquet. During each 3-hour, hands-on class, she'll share her refined techniques for well-loved, pastry basics.

Saturday, March 17th -  Menu: Génoise, Pâte à Choux, Madeleines

Saturday, March 24th -  Menu: Crême Pâtissière, Mousse au chocolat, and Almond Cream with Fruit Garnishing

*Recipes contain gluten flour, dairy products, nuts and egg products. No substitutions will be made.



Master the Basics, Stocks & Sauces

MASTER THE BASICS - Stocks, Soups & Sauces

Three-Hour, Hands-on Class          $ 95 per person (tax & processing fee extra)

Master the basic cooking principles behind stocks, soups ans sauces. You’ll be surprised at how delicious they taste!

Menu Example: Vegetable Stock, Mushroom Sauce, Veal Stock, Glace de Viande, Crustacean Stock, Fumet

Saturday, May 26th  - 1:00pm to 4:00pm



Teen Chef, Series 2

Teen Chef - Series 2 (6 weeks)

Mondays, 6:30pm - 8:00pm - March 19 to April 30, 2018 

C’est Bon Cooking’s Teen Chef classes go much further by engaging youth aged 12 to 17 in an exploration of kitchen fundamentals. Participants will work closely with Chef Georges to learn a variety of essential cooking techniques. The results: giving teenagers the cooking skills and confidence they will need for life.

Minimum of 4 participants. Maximum of 8.

6-week Program: $ 360 plus tax

Per Session: $ 65 plus tax

Series 2 of our Teen Chef series continues to build upon techniques taught in Series 1.

Students will tackle

Class 1   Vegetarian Cuisine                     Class 4     Poultry - Cooking Techniques

Class 2   Eggs - Gnocci                             Class 5    Vegetables - Advanced Knife Skills

Class 3   Dough - Bread                            Class 6     Dessert - Chocolate

Completion of Series 1 classes is NOT REQUIRED in order to take this series.



Teen Chef Camp

Teen Chef Summer Camps

Hands-on Class, 4 hours per day        $ 425 + tax & processing fee

C’est Bon Cooking’s Teen Chef camps go much further by engaging youth aged 12 to 17 in an intensive, week-long exploration of kitchen fundamentals. Over five fun and food filled days, participants work closely with Chef Georges to learn a variety of essential cooking techniques. Soups, egg dishes, poultry & meat, and vegetables will be covered. Plus, they’ll make a trip to the ByWard Market to learn everything there is to know about the ingredients they will cook with. 

2018 Camps:

July 16 to 20, 

July 23 to 27, or

August 13 to 17.    

From 10am to 2pm daily, lunch included every day.

*Recipes contain gluten flour, dairy products, nuts and egg products. No substitutions will be made.