VIRTUAL CHEF – Learn-to-Cook Series

Our Virtual 6-Week Program

Series of Six Hands-on, Virtual Classes
$ 255 per connection, plus tax

Learn to cook!
Participants will work closely with Chef Georges over video-conference to learn a variety of essential cooking techniques. The results: mastering fundamental cooking skills and building confidence.

What you’ll need to participate:
A computer or device on which you can run Zoom;
A space in your kitchen to work, including access to your stove, refrigerator and sink;
A desire to learn!

Grocery and equipment lists will be shared in advance of classes.

Class 1: Knife Skills – Alliums
Class 2: Stocks (and Butchery knife skills)
Class 3: Rice (Pilaf and Risotto)
Class 4: Cooking Fish
Class 5: Egg-Based Sauces (Mayonnaise, Hollandaise)
Class 6: Desserts (Lemon Meringue Pie)


Tuesdays, September 7th to October 12th, 2021 – from 17:30pm to 19:00pm

Next session: Early 2022!